Coco from cologne

01.08.2014 KÖLN !!! 💖

Es ist wieder so weit! Ein weiteres Tumblr Treffen naht, diesen Freitag (01.08) ist es so weit. Jeder kann kommen, je mehr desto lustiger :-)
Wir treffen uns um 18 Uhr fast direkt vorm Kölner Hauptbahnhof (ihr kommt raus, gerade aus und schon sind wir da) und bleiben mindestens bis 19 Uhr dort sitzen. Man erkennt uns an den Seifenblasen und den Luftballons :-D dann ziehen wir weiter auf die Domtreppen und vielleicht an den Rhein. Bei weiteren fragen meldet euch bei mir (coracoco)! Bis dann

Anonym asked: I am an old friend and you are so nice i love everything on you

Then why do you message me on anon?

Anonym asked: Miss you. /: ...

Who are u?

roseblssom asked: Hi~ I'm curious about your respond to that anon. Why is it that you don't like alcohol or marijuana? And have you tried them or any other drugs? Personally, I don't smoke marijuana anymore because it depresses me for some crazy reason. I'm just curious because I don't meet many people who don't smoke or drink.

I honestly never tried weed and I really don’t see the sense in it because if you can’t feel good without drugs then you have to work on your mental health. When I was with my ex I’ve seen so many damaged people. Drug and alcohol addicted, I have my personal experience with addiction. Also marihuana is illegal, I know I sound like a grandma but it’s still illegal. And it’s really sad that it’s absolutely normal in 2014 to smoke weed and drink when you’re young, that’s fucked up.

Anonym asked: What do you think of weed?

I think it’s stupid and it shut be illegal, same goes for alcohol. But I don’t have anything against people who smoke or drink as long as they are still nice to me.